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  • What we do

    We take your Computers, your Laptops, your iPads and your Smartphones and we make them all behave. We make your technology do your bidding.

    We make sick machines happy, remove nasty infections, recover data, lock down security, speed things up and most importantly make it all work together.

    This is our world, come join us. Just call on 0118 962 5690 and we will start making it all work for you too.

    Prices from just £36

    What people say about us

    "My family kept telling me to bin my old computer, it was just too slow to be usable. For £100 BrightCall upgraded the hardware and fixed numerous problems. Now it´s like a new machine!"

    Helen Aldridge of Caversham

  • Speed

    Why is my computer so %!*$ slow? A very common question, but a surprisingly hard one to answer.

    Even grandma knows you have to defrag it (although that´s rather out of date advice and unlikely to make any difference). Ask your know-it-all brother-in-law and he will tell you its because you have too many pictures on it (a very common response, but try to find anyone who has ever removed photos and made their computer go quicker). Ask a room full of geeks and they will each give you half a dozen different reasons (most of which might be right).

    That´s the problem. There are any number of reasons why it´s slow and a lot of bad advice on offer. At BrightCall we have worked on thousands of computers and developed a systematic approach to testing the hardware, the operating system, the programs, the Internet connection and everything else.

    Just call us now on 0118 962 5690 for a free visit from one of engineers to assess your PC and come up with a plan to get it flying again.

    What people say about us

    "My family kept telling me to bin my old computer, it was just too slow to be usable. For £100 BrightCall upgraded the hardware and fixed numerous problems. Now it´s like a new machine!"

    Helen Aldridge of Caversham

  • Syncronising your PC, Laptop, Smartphone, iPad, TV and everything else

    Back in ye olden days (like about 5 years ago) families had 1 computer. If you wanted to use it you had to get in the queue behind dad with his email, mum with Ocado and little Johnny with his homework. Now we are awash with laptops, iPads, and devices in our pockets that pretend to be phones but are actually very small and very capable computers.

    The problem is, your stuff, your emails, your photos, your documents etc never seem to be on the machine that you have in front of you. That´s where BrightCall can help. It is now possible to sync the devices so that if you create a document or load a photo on your laptop, without you doing anything, it appears by magic on your desktop PC, your iPad and even your mobile phone.

    This not only means you can move between your machines with ease, it also means that if any one machine breaks, it´s no big deal, you just pick up another and carry on working. People often say that not having their computer is like losing an arm, except the folks with synchronisation, they barely notice the difference.

    Just call us now on 0118 962 5690 for a free visit from one of our engineers to assess how to get all of your kit talking to one another.

    What people say about us

    "When the computer failed it could have stopped the family business in its tracks. Instead we just borrowed my son's laptop. BrightCall had set it up to sync everything from the business computer into a spare account. We didn't miss a beat!"

    Elaine Parker of Sindlesham

  • Recovering your lost data

    Your hard drive is going to die!

    How do we know this? Do we have a ouija board? No. It´s simple, all hard drives die. Some die within a month of coming out of the factory, some last 10 years or more, but they all die.

    We would like to get to yours before this happens to help you setup an automatic backup, making such an occurrence no more than an inconvenience.

    If, however, you are new to us and are currently in a cold sweat as you realise all the important data that is on that drive that will now not read, you have come to the right place.

    We have helped numerous folks just like you to get back their family photo collections, thesis and accounts (of course what we would really like to do is get to you before it breaks, so we can setup an automatic backup that just happens no matter how many times you forget to do it).

    Just call us now on 0118 962 5690 and tell us what's missing.

    What people say about us

    "I had my laptop stolen whilst I was away in Africa. By the time I got home BrightCall had a replacement on my desk with all my files. It was as if nothing ever happened. That´s what I call voodoo!"

    Charles Stutley of Reading

    "I thought our backups were good, until I had to recover from one. Not only did BrightCall recover a seriously damaged hard drive, but they setup my computers to synchronise, so if any one machine has a problem, I just use another until it is sorted, with absolutely no down time."

    Vivek Tandon of Twyford

  • Advice on purchasing technology

    When it comes to buying technology BrightCall does something quite unique: we don't sell computers, laptops, smartphones or iPads, so we are the one place you can go to get unbiased advice on specifications and prices.

    We do this to enhance our reputation with our clients, to gain referrals and build long term relationships. If you are thinking about buying, call us, we can save you from a lot of pain.

    The way we work is to listen to what you are trying to achieve and then tell you what we would buy and who we would buy it from, if we were in the same situation. That's how we consistently get the best results.

    Remember, anywhere else you go will always have their commission in mind when talking to you. All we have in mind is making you happy so you will tell all your friends!

    Just call us now on 0118 962 5690 and we can get chatting.

    What people say about us

    "Looking for a new computer was daunting and the shop salesmen were clearly more interested in their commission than our needs. BrightCall listened to what we wanted to do and introduced us to a type of computer we didn´t even know existed (an all-in-one), they also showed us where to get the best deal. It´s been perfect and I knew we had someone batting for us the whole way through the process."

    Peter Morgan of Twyford

  • Computer Security

    It"s tempting to believe that if you have anti-virus software on your PC you are safe from every hacker in the world (and underworld). So ask yourself this: how come you keep seeing stories on the mainstream news about successful attacks on PCs? Not just against big companies, but on little old ladies just looking at pictures of their grandchildren?

    The Internet is such a wonderful thing that few people would want to see the back of it, but it does have its downside. The Internet has criminals and nasty people just like real life. And just like real life you need locks on your doors, a burglar alarm and big fierce dog.

    Yes, we clean up infected PCs, but more importantly we know all the tricks to lock them down before they get infected. We know what the technical equivalent of a big fierce dog is and how to apply it to your system.

    We know how to keep the kids safe from smut. We know how to track your smartphone by satellite if some oik steals it, we know all the tricks.

    Call us on 0118 962 5690 and we can get cracking on making your kit safe.

    What people say about us

    "Despite having anti-virus software, I got a bad virus. Fortunately BrightCall were on hand to help me and they quickly responded to my problem. The best thing about this was that they had set me up with another synchronised PC. I was able to continue my work with no impact."

    Gordon Holmes of Charvil

  • Support

    Need help with your Computer?

    Just give us a call on 0118 962 5690.

    by text - 07720 841074

    or if you want to use email -

    And if you really want to be impressed, invite an Engineer to connect to your system and do everything without even coming around to see you! Just telephone and ask for a 6 digit code to enter into the box below.

    6-digit code:

    What people say about us

    "Remote support is truly marvellous. I don't have to wait in for an engineer to call around. I can invite one from the BrightCall workshop to fix my computer whenever I need help. They're connected in no time and I control it. It's such a reassurance."

    Mark Jameson of Charvil

  • All About BrightCall

    BrightCall is a computer support company.We focus on looking after technology in the home, sometimes for people using it for work, sometimes for people just having fun with it.

    What makes us unusual, at least amongst geeks, is we talk in plain English.

    The vision for BrightCall has always been for our engineers to be your man on the inside. Finally someone in the IT business you can call on whenever you need help. Someone who wants to do a first class job because we grow by you telling your friends just how well we looked after you.

    To make sure we can maintain the best level of service we focus on a tight geographical area around the towns of Reading, Henley, Wokingham and Maidenhead and all the lovely villages in between.

    Give us a call, you might like us!

    What people say about us

    "My family kept telling me to bin my old computer, it was just too slow to be usable. For £100 BrightCall upgraded the hardware and fixed numerous problems. Now it´s like a new machine!"

    Helen Aldridge of Caversham


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